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Many are already tripping to leave for our beloved holiday resort.
Because of the many uncertainties that Corona brought with it, including the opening of the hotels in the coveted Costa Adeje.

For this, we have listed the hotels with the opening date for you.


We try to keep this list as up to date as possible.


Before you leave for Tenerife, do not forget to fill in the form at you also need to fill in the form when you return.



Click here for corona test centers in Belgium

The Corona rules that apply to our beloved island:


Required to submit a negative Covid-19 test:

    ➵ The test may not be older than 72 hours.
    ➵ From the age of 6 years.

 ● It is mandatory to wear a mouth mask everywhere from 6 years old.

    ➵ In all public areas except outside if you can keep a distance
        of 1.5 meters. 

● Smoking is prohibited when:

     ➵ A safe distance of 2 meters cannot be respected in open spaces.

     ➵ Closed public places.


     ➵ While walking.

● The nightlife also has some adjustments:

      ➵ Drinks can only be ordered at the table.
      ➵ Discotheques may only welcome partygoers outdoors.
      ➵ Maximum capacity of 75%.

● Restaurants and bars:
     ➵ Eating and drinking are only allowed on terraces.


● Curfew: Abolished


We wish everyone a pleasant holiday and a fantastic time!


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