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El   Teide


Of all the Canary Islands, El Teide is the largest volcano with a height of 3718 meters above sea level and also the highest mountain in Spain.


El Teide measures 7000 meters from the seabed.

However, don't worry about visiting the dormant volcano El Teide because the last eruption dates from 1909.

The volcano is easy to reach by car (you can check or start the route at the bottom of the page).
The roads are wide and easy to drive on.

Don't forget to bring a sweater or cardigan, because halfway through El Teide it can get a bit cold.

In winter you should still provide warmer clothes because there will be snow.

The beautiful Parque Nacional del Teide is located around El Teide.

At the entrance of the park, you can visit the botanical garden with the local plant species and explore an exhibition about the park.

The park is 18,990 hectares and has been recorded in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2007.

With the funicular you can visit the stratovolcano just below the top, the ride on the funicular takes ten minutes.

Then you’ll be at an altitude of 3555 meters.

In strong winds, the funicular may be closed for safety.

Several excursions are organized to visit "El Teide".

Different excursions during the day or "Teide by night".

El Teide by night is very different from the daytime visits.

If you don’t have a rental car,
you can participate in the excursions to visit "El Teide", "Parque Nacional del Teide" and "Los Roques de Garcia" for a whole day.

You will be picked up at your hotel and if you leave with the bus from Costa Adeje the first stop is "Vilaflor".
In Vilaflor you can walk around, have a terrace, or just eat something.

The next stop is at the famous rock "Roque Cinchado" in Los Roques de Garcia.

You will also get to know the different plant species here with the necessary explanation from the guide.

Here you can also use the funicular, often at your own expense.

The return journey is through the wooded Chío.

If you prefer to admire El Teide in the evening, you can book the excursion "Teide by night".

You can regard the unique sunset on the way to El Teide accompanied by a glass of cava.

You can study the stars and some planets with different telescopes and a professional astronomer in the crater area at the foot of the Teide volcano.

You also have the option to pre-book dinner or bring your own picnic.



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