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Los Gigantes


The name is already spreading itself ...

but referring to the "gigantic" rocks.

The literal translation of Los Gigantes is the giants.

Los Gigantes belongs to the municipality of Santiago del Teide and is located on the west coast.

Los Gigantes is a rustic and pleasant town on a beach with crystal clear water, also an ideal diving location or to spot dolphins.

In Los Gigantes you have several cozy restaurants, souvenir shops, and hotels, it is very quiet to stay here.

Some rocks reach up to 800 meters above the sea.
You can make a cruise around the rocks.

As you can see in the pictures, there is also a natural swimming pool where you can take a dip for refreshment.

It is interesting if you can also visit Masca before or after Los Gigantes, which is about 35 minutes away by car.

If you depart from Costa Adeje, the driving distance is also 35-40 minutes.


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Los Gigantes - Tenerife
Los Gigantes - Tenerife
Los Gigantes - Tenerife
Los Gigantes - Tenerife
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