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In 1706, Garachico was completely wiped off the map by the eruption of the volcano "El Teide".

Unfortunately, the former function of Garachico as a port could no longer be built up.

With the rebuilding of the village, the tranquillity and historic appearance have been preserved. Garachico was not only affected by lava floods, but also suffered from an outbreak of various diseases, floods and a plague of grasshoppers.

Tourism is increasing more and more in Garachico.

Of course because  the beautiful natural swimming pools.
As you can see in the photos, the pools are mainly created by lava rocks.

Not only tourists come here for a swim ... you’re accompanied by small fishes.

You can also take a dip in the sea from the natural pool.

Steps are provided to facilitate it all.

Garachico is located in the middle of a gorge.

The descent by car requires some skills because the route involves several turns beside an abysm.

Garachico has still kept its authentic charm, you can tell by the hotels, shops, cafes and restaurants that have kept their typical Canarian style.

Because Garachico doesn’t have a beach, mass tourism remains here.


Would you like to watch live in Garachico?


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Garachico Tenerife
Garachico Tenerife
Garachico Tenerife
Garachico Tenerife
Garachico Tenerife
Garachico Tenerife
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