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From Playa Fañabé it is about 40 minutes' drive to Masca.

Masca is located in the northwestern part of Tenerife, in the province of Buenavista del Norte.


The sloping roads in the Masca gorge are not to be underestimated, so you must have a car that can handle this.
The route in Masca is already admirable in itself, during the tour you will see several beautiful flowers, palm trees and beautiful views from the mountains.


You can stop every now and then at the small car parks.
Ideal for taking beautiful photos or to enjoy the beautiful view.


The descent in Masca also requires some experience.
You need to prepare thoroughly for this, such as a clear hiking map (because there is no connection to the mobile network),
appropriate clothing
(it can get a bit cooler in Masca), good footwear, thirst-quenchers and something to eat for the road.
After the Fidel bar, you won't find anything to eat or drink all the way.

The descent of the gorge is 5 km long with a height difference of 580 meters.
The walk will take about 3 to 4 hours.
During the walk, you will pass several rock walls and a wooden bridge.
Eventually, you will arrive at 'Playa de Masca' from here you can take the water taxi to Los Gigantes .

If you have visited Masca by car, it is interesting to continue to Los Gigantes.
After all, you're in the area now.


Would you like to watch live in Masca?

Then click on the 'camera' below.






Masca - Tenerife
Masca - Tenerife
Masca - Tenerife
Masca - Tenerife
Masca - Tenerife
Masca - Tenerife
Masca - Tenerife
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