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Dubai Cafe

Dubaï Café Tenerife Costa Adeje
Dubaï Café


Dubaï Café is located in the center in the bay of La Pinta.

During the day you can always go for a fresh drink, an ice cream or for lunch.

In the evening you can dine extensively with the necessary singing animations that ensure that you can experience a nice evening.

Isn't that really something for you? Then you can isolate yourself in the lounge.

Where you can taste all kinds of cocktails in comfortable seats.

If your throat is well lubricated you can do your own singing in the karaoke bar in the late evening.

This can be guaranteed until the early hours.

Dubaï Café Tenerife Costa Adeje
Dubaï Café Tenerife Costa Adeje


Dubai kafe, Urbanizacion San Eugenio, 26,
38660 Costa Adeje,
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spanje

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