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Fun Facts!

💡 The Greek Philosopher Plato claimed that Tenerife and the rest of the islands belonged to the vanished empire of Atlantis (c. 427-347 BC)

💡 Did you know that after the fall of the Roman Empire the islands archipelago was simply forgotten and was rediscovered in 1312 by a Genoese Lancelotto Malocello.

💡Flemish people had a very important influence on the island and founded many sugar plantations. The link to Flanders will always be maintained, some streets still have a Flemish sound or link to Flanders.

💡 The Guanches are the first indigenous people of Tenerife.


💡 No, no, no… The Canary Islands are not named after a canary bird, but the other way around!


💡 The origin of the name of the Canary Islands is probably from the Latin name "Canariae Insulae". Which in turn means "the island of the dogs". This name was only intended for the island of "Gran Canaria". There are still many disputes about the origin of the name about the other islands.


💡 The 'Dogo Canario' or also known as 'Canarian Dog' is a dog breed that was mainly found in Tenerife and Gran Canaria… Nice connection with the origin of the name of the Canary Islands, right?


💡 Tenerife is more than 3 million years old.

Movie facts!


Jason Bourne

📽️ An engaging action movie shot in Santa Cruz starring Matt Damon. Tenerife itself takes on the roles of 'Athens' and 'Reykjavik' in 2016.


Exodus: Gods and Kings

📽️ A biblical movie that came out in 2014, the well-known story of Moses. Produced by the makers of 'The Gladiator'.


Fast and the Furious 6

📽️ We all knew that this American action movie was shot in Tenerife Costa Adeje,
Icod de los vinos, Guía de Isora, Garachico,
Santiago del Teide, Buenavista and San Juan de la Rambla. The actors Vin Diesel, Paul Walker,
Dwayne Johnson and we have been able to admire on the screen 😊.

The return of 'Leti' took place in this movie in 2013.


Wrath of the Titans

📽️ The volcanic landscape may serve as a location for the second time. Wrath of The Titans has also shot some scenes in Garachico and Icod de Los Vinos in 2012.


Montevideo, God Bless You!

📽️ A Siberian film shot in the beautiful scenery of La Laguna in 2010.


Clash of the Titans

📽️ The film stars Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Alexa Davalos and Gemma Arterton. Surrounded by the volcanic decor 'Parque Nacional del Teide' in 2009.


Silent Witness

📽️ Previously, the Leprosy Village served as a lurid backdrop for the BBC's British detective / police series. Here Tenerife pretended to be Mexico. The series has been broadcast since 1996.


Dr. Who

📽️ Set in El Teide and Garachico National Park, the period of the recording was in 2015-2016. Although this British science fiction series has been around for a while, namely since 1963.

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