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Who are we?


Sharon De Haes ✴ 29 years old


• Website administrator

• Photographer •
• Blogger • Movie editing





Since childhood, I have fallen in love with Tenerife.
However, that love has remained and expressed itself in this website with which I can share my passion.


Thanks to this website I can bring all my passions together… including film editing and photography.
I also studied and worked in the tourism sector, again something that ties in with my interest in Tenerife.
I have stayed in Tenerife dozens of times and yet this beautiful island continues to surprise me.


I would love to share and discover these experiences with you.
The unique beaches, the well-hidden places, the tasty restaurants, the cozy bars, and who knows what else?







Tenerife is always like coming home to me… in a warm country, a warm heart! ♥







Walt De Haes ✴ 61 years old


• Photographer • Cameraman
• Blogger • Movie editing





Music, video, and photography have always been my passion. Because I have been going on holiday to Tenerife for more than 30 years, I can always express my passion there.

You will often see the name "Rabbits Production" appearing on this website.

The label under which I and my daughter Sharon edit our film montage.


The island has so much to offer that every year is an adventure. Now I support this site to convince even more people of this wonderful island.


For my family, this is always coming home!




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Andy Raets ✴ 33 years old


• Blogger


I am a bon vivant from Wijnegem who really enjoys traveling, good food, and especially culture.

My contribution to the team is: to transform the enchanting images and photos of tourists and less touristy pearls that Tenerife has to offer into a blog that will hopefully encourage you to explore the island yourself. I really like to be able to write about beautiful nature, by describing impressions and feelings that I experienced during my trip I hope to be able to stimulate you a little and to infect you with the Tenerife virus
'' wink '' We all have it on this site.


I arrived as a Tenerife virgin with the thought of encountering beach and sea, but at the end of my trip, I was genuinely positively surprised. I encourage all tourists to come and visit this island. I'm pretty sure people will soon see its charms and fully enjoy all the beauty here.



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